Welcome to the Ethical AI Advisory team

6 October 2021

Portrait of Catriona Wallace

We are excited to announce that Gradient Institute and Ethical AI Advisory have joined together! We have been working together as partners for the last year and realised how complementary we were – with Gradient working on the technical aspects of ensuring AI is used responsibly and Ethical AI Advisory working on the organisational and governance aspects of this.

Dr. Catriona Wallace has joined Gradient’s board and is also an Executive team member and Chief Relationship Officer.

By coming together, Gradient Institute can now undertake a wider range of activities and offer a wider range of services including Responsible AI research, training, assessment and advisory services. We can offer those services from front-line data scientists and engineers, right through to the Board of Directors.

After working closely together on projects such as the Responsible AI Index and joint training courses, it was a natural step to combine the two organisations to provide a comprehensive service to all organisations interested in building Responsible AI capabilities into the way they work. Ethical AI Advisory brings its expertise in organisational behaviour, design, governance and frameworks to Gradient’s proficiency in technical research, training, software development, and advisory work.

We look forward to bringing these combined capabilities to Australian-based and international organisations that want to integrate Responsible AI into the way their business operates.