Policy submission on the regulation of AI and automated decision making

24 May 2022

Gavel resting on circuit boards

Gradient Institute submitted a response to the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet’s Digital Technology Taskforce Issues Paper “Positioning Australia as a Leader in Digital Economy Regulation – Automated Decision Making and AI Regulation”.

In this submission, Gradient Institute provides perspectives on the regulation of the digital economy in Australia, focusing on AI and Automated Decision Making. Among a number of other suggestions and observations, the submission highlights two major recommendations:- For regulation to be effective it shouldn’t, in general, have the technology of AI/ADM itself as its target, but rather the terms according to which technological artifacts and systems built with these technologies are allowed to interact with the outside world.- An effective approach to regulation would be to encourage a mature risk management mindset in public, private and non-profit sectors with regards to the use of AI/ADM. You can find the submission here.