Gradient Institute Awarded Linkage Grant

12 April 2022

Glowing shield with a keyhole in the centre

Our Linkage Grant Proposal “Socially Responsible Insurance in the Age of Artificial Intelligence” has been approved by the Australian Research Council.

The project will be led by Gradient Institute Fellow and ANU Professor Seth Lazar, along with Dr Jenny L. Davis and Dr Damian Clifford from the ANU, Gradient Institute Fellow and University of Sydney Professor Kimberlee Weatherall, Gradient Institute Fellow and Director of Data Algorithmic Ethics at IAG Chris Dolman and Gradient Institute’s Chief Scientist Tiberio Caetano.

This project aims to discover the social costs and benefits of using Artificial Intelligence in insurance, and to design practical interventions—responsible design workshops, practical guidance, regulatory proposals, new algorithmic tools—that realise the benefits while mitigating the costs.

We are grateful to our collaborators and their institutions for supporting the project and to the Australian Research Council for granting this funding.