Gradient Fellow Chris Dolman awarded Actuary of the Year

15 September 2022

a photo of Chris Dolman

Gradient Institute Fellow Chris Dolman has been awarded Actuary of the Year by the Actuaries Institute of Australia. Some excerpts from the official announcement:

“His award recognises a lifetime contribution to the profession but especially his work in the ever-evolving and increasingly important field of data ethics and responsible AI.”

“We need people like Chris helping the profession to think through these big issues, because they’re issues that have tangible effects on people” says Institute CEO, Elayne Grace. “What we have with Chris is someone who's ready to get out there – to write papers and articles, to speak, to live in the to-and-fro of the debate. It’s that spirit of bold enquiry, not in the abstract, that makes Chris’s contribution so valuable.”

Congratulations Chris on this remarkable recognition!