Ali Akbari

Director of AI Practice

Ali Akbari

Dr. Ali Akbari, a seasoned professional in artificial intelligence and robotics, brings a background in software engineering. With an MSc in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics and a Ph.D. in Computer Vision from the Tokyo Institute of Technology, his engineering perspective ensures practical implementation and benefits realisation for AI systems.

With over two decades of commercial experience at organisations like Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Unisys, and KPMG, Ali has been instrumental in conceptualising, building, and operationalising AI systems across various industries. Having lived and worked in Japan and Australia, he offers a unique global perspective.

His expertise extends to project delivery in diverse international settings, including Australia, New Zealand, East-Asian countries, and collaborative work in Europe and the US. Throughout his career, Ali has left a mark in industries spanning manufacturing, banking, audit, public sector, border protection, and biometrics management.

Notably, Ali led the development of KPMG's Trustworthy AI Model in collaborative research with the University of Queensland and most recently the implementation of the NSW AI Assurance Framework at Transport for NSW. Currently serving as an AI Committee member for Standards Australia, he showcases dedication to advancing the field while ensuring ethical and standardised practices.