Board & Executives Course

2 hours | Online or in-person

Class discussing a lesson on table and at the whiteboard

This two-hour course introduces the key risks in building, procuring and operating AI systems in an organisation, and outlines strategies for managing those risks.

“It highlighted issues that I never thought about, and now know that I should.”

Board Member

The course covers real-world examples faced by business and government, and helps participants understand enough about the technical risks to identify them in their own organisations, and ask key questions of staff. Designed for board members, senior executives and ethics committees, it can also be customised. There’s a one-hour version, but it has fewer examples critical to understanding the risks of this new arena.

Participants will not only come to understand the strategic, market and legal risks, but also be more prepared for the responsibilities boards and executives have for determining trade-offs between ethical and other objectives, and for creating a culture of rigour and accountability around the design, procurement, use and monitoring of AI decision-making systems in their organisation.



Core concepts of ethical AI, exploring some of the key risks and challenges in making AI systems ethical and how to manage risk.


AI system governance

Systems making automated decisions must still have humans accountable for their actions, and for the design decisions that govern these. To create ethical AI systems, the right people in the organisation must be empowered to be responsible, and they must have the tools and ability for their responsibility to be meaningful.


Managing risks of AI systems

We discuss strategies that can be used to manage the risks when building, procuring, operating and monitoring AI systems. The course materials include samples that can be used at Board level for AI system risk management.


The risks in operating an AI system

We identify the key risks in data-driven automated decision-systems, including examples of where such systems have led to unintended consequences at a massive scale.


Building an ethical AI system

We outline some key stages in the development of an ethical AI system. Each stage involves a different mix of designers, decision makers, stakeholders and engineers. We outline how leaders and decision makers are involved in eliciting and ultimately setting the different objectives (ethical and organisational) of the system and how these objectives are balanced.