AI Primer Course

2 hours | Online or in-person

Class discussing a lesson on table and at the whiteboard

A two hour interactive introduction to the operation and oversight of AI systems with a focus on the responsible use of AI.

“Well executed, huge wealth of knowledge from the speakers and fact-based through their experience. This wasn’t just textbook, theory-led, and I greatly appreciated the practical applications.”

Corporate Chief Technology Officer

This course is designed for people from Australian industry without extensive knowledge of AI. This is likely to include people from a wide variety of industries (manufacturing, health, finance, agriculture, software, etc) and organisation sizes (SMEs to corporates) and are likely to be people who are considering the use of AI in their businesses or may be at the early stages of using AI.

By the end of the course, we expect that participants will have a basic understanding of how AI systems work and how they differ from traditional software systems. Particpants will have a basic sense of the kinds of application areas that might be suited to AI systems and how AI systems and humans benefit from working together, understand some of the challenges in building, operating and overseeing AI systems. Finally, particpants will understand some of the ethical risks in designing and deploying AI systems, and principles for addressing those risks.


The state of AI systems today

We examine examples of AI in use now in various industries including successes and failures, the kinds of tasks for which AI excels and why and the roles of humans in AI systems. These examples are augmented with an interactive exploration of differences between human and AI reasoning.


Introduction to key AI concepts

We explain the specif ic techonologies that get called AI, and show how they work through a series of simple interactive explorations. We describe how AI learns to perform tasks like finding objects in images, translating text between languages and predicting whether someone will default on a mortgage.


Trustworthy AI and the Australian Government’s AI Ethics Framework and Principles

We describe the challenge and opportunity of deploying AI that operates in alignment with a business’ true intent, aided by an interactive exploration of 'explainable AI'. Finally, we present the Austrlian Government's AI ethics principles as a starting point for reducing the risk of unintended consequences from an AI system.