Gradient provides AI Primer for National AI Summit

19 June 2021

Tensorflow diagram of neural network classifier

At the request of the Australian Government’s Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources, Gradient Institute provided an interactive “Artificial Intelligence Primer” training session for attendees at the Techtonic 2.0 National AI Summit. This was to help attendees of the summit:

  • have a basic understanding of how AI systems work and how they differ from traditional software systems
  • understand the kinds of application areas that might be suited to AI systems, and how AI systems and humans benefit from working together
  • understand some of the challenges in building, operating and overseeing AI systems
  • understand some of the ethical considerations in designing and deploying AI systems, and principles for addressing these.

If you missed it, you can view the video recording of the session. If you want more in-depth training, see our list of training courses. For the list of interactive exercises referred to, see here.

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