Vincent Zhang

Community Engagement Officer

Vincent Zhang

Vincent started working with Gradient Institute as a Summer Scholar and is now looking after our engagement strategy, focusing on implementing strategies and initiatives to raise greater awareness of Responsible AI in different communities. Vincent’s interest in AI dates back to high school, where he first learned about Industry 4.0 (The Fourth Industrial Revolution) and the transformative role AI would play in various sectors across society.

Since then he has been gaining experience working as a Research Intern at the University of Sydney School of Computer Science, a Research Assistant at the Education Futures Studio Project, and co-authoring a paper ACM for Network and Operating Systems Support for Digital Audio and Video (NOSSDAV). He is also passionate about social issues such as climate change and has explored this interest through his involvement as NSW Schools Coordinator for the Australian Youth Climate Coalition.

He is currently in his fourth year for his Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Mechatronic Engineering) and Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) at the University of Sydney. He is also co-founder and President of Tech for Social Good, a University of Sydney student society dedicated to the ethical development of technology.

Vincent wants to explore the development and regulation of public interest technology and how different areas of society can respond to emerging technologies. He is also interested in seeing how communities can be empowered and how different stakeholders can be engaged to solve challenging societal issues, such as climate change and inequality.

He is looking forward to a career combining his interests in technology, public policy, and social good and working on impactful problems at the intersection of technology and society.